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Emerging companies under $2 billion, must absorb the expenses of being publicly traded, but don’t yet have the benefits, including access to high-quality research and analyst coverage. This often leaves emerging small-cap companies without the fair valuation that they deserve, which makes getting and keeping shareholder interest a challenge.
The problem with traditional research is that key information is lost in inefficient and extensive equity reports, where the key indicators to growth and success are hidden under data. Analyst coverage may be limited, making finding the fundamental factors that are indicative of company success unmanageable.
We’ve managed to address the challenges that are unique to the small-cap niche, so that promising small-caps can present key information to investors and shareholders, who are increasingly looking to diversify their portfolios with emerging small-cap companies.
We make equity research coverage accessible to organizations below $2B, focusing on fundamental growth factors and key indicators of success, in a concise, digestible format that presents small-cap companies as an actionable investment opportunity.

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Impetus Equities offers analyst coverage via a tech-forward, data-driven approach. Because our reports are based on facts, not recommendations, we are a reputable, trusted resource for investors. Our team of analysts only performs reports for companies after completing due diligence preliminary research to ensure the quality of the companies we sign.  Our reports are distributed via reputable platforms, including Factset Data Systems, Zacks Research System, Thomson One, and Seeking Alpha, as well as traditional media coverage on our reports, providing small-cap companies the exposure they are seeking. Comprehensive investor intelligence reporting allows our clients to evaluate the efficacy of our research distribution, empowering small-caps to enter an accelerated growth track.

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Our reports are created to accelerate your growth track by attracting meaningful interest from investors and shareholders, to impact funding rounds and increasing capital and liquidity.

When you know you have fundamental factors that are of interest in today’s market, choose a research provider that is ready to showcase them, so that your company’s financial story can speak for itself.

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